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Website copywriting for weird-and-wonderful business owners who struggle to sell themselves online.

Do you have a unique way of working or a quirky personality you can’t put into words? Let me help – I specialise in capturing what makes you awesome, so you can finally do your business justice online…

Meghan Downs website copywriter

Do you deliver a great service to your customers but struggle to explain it?

It’s hard to find the right words to sell yourself. But it’s an essential part of making your business work. I know it feels uncomfortable, which is why I’m here to help untangle what’s in your brain.

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can work wonders. You’re too close to your own business and writing website copy is NOT at the top of your to-do list…

If you are looking for a website copywriter to give you more confidence in selling yourself, you’re in the right place.

Finally get website copy you’re proud of, showcasing who you are (quirks and all).

I’ll help to capture your personality, resonate with ideal clients, and boost sales – without feeling sales-y. Go from feeling misunderstood to oozing confidence online.

Done-for-you website copywriting 

Ready-to-launch website copywriting packed with personality.

 Done-with-you copy polish sessions

Let’s improve your website copy together in an interactive 2-hour call.

Free copywriting resources

Get better at writing engaging website copy yourself with these handy resources.

Customer testimonials

Nice things people have said about working with me on their copywriting project. Aren’t they lovely?

“My messaging is much clearer and I’m feeling confident about attracting my ideal client.”

Sarah Stewart

Meghan is always my first port of call when I need any help with copy. “

Vicky Labinger

Start attracting your people through your website copy.

Bring your voice to life. Get more confidence. Sell yourself better.