7 benefits of hiring a copywriter for your creative business

Written by Meghan Downs

It can be hard to let someone into your business, to learn your baby’s secrets and snoop around making suggestions. Even more so if you are a maker, creator, or designer…

So, if you are thinking about hiring a copywriter for your creative business, here are some reasons why it’s a great thing to take off your shoulders.

7 benefits of hiring a copywriter for your business...

What should I know about hiring a copywriter?

To understand the benefits, let’s go through the process of how a copywriter will work with you and explain why having a professional can put you at an advantage. I’ll talk you through the way I do things…

I have a proven 5-step process to help C.R.A.F.T. your message:

  • C is for Chats – talking to you and your customers 
  • R is for Research – looking at the industry and competitors
  • A is for Articulate – bringing your words to life 
  • F is for Feedback – hearing your thoughts 
  • T is for Tweaks – adjusting the copy until it’s spot on 

This process gives me the best foundation for bringing your voice to life through my done-for-you website copywriting service


Benefits of hiring a professional copywriter for your business

1. Look at your business from the eyes of your customer

So, how would I write copy for you, if I don’t yet know your business?

Any copywriter will go through a research and understanding phase for new projects. It’s not about knowing every single aspect of how your business runs but about highlighting the key elements of your ethics, customer journey, and USP.

The key is understanding the value you are trying to add to your customers and positioning yourself in the right place.

How do I do that?

Well, I act like an interviewer and ask you lots of questions in our discovery call. I may get on your nerves at the start but it’s for the greater good. I act as your customer and put myself in their shoes. 

For every new copywriting project, I have a set of Client Questionnaire questions that form the basis of what I ask you. This allows me to get to know your company and look for opportunities to stand out.

Sometimes this offers you, the client, a chance to answer questions you’ve never asked yourself before. Thought-provoking stuff.

For me, the most important aspect is understanding how you help people solve their problems. Once you have this, the technical information can be fact-checked.

For website copy projects, three customer interviews are also included so I can understand how your previous customers see your business. 

If you work in a particularly regulated or specific sector, any additional information you can provide me is extremely helpful.

Research is key for specific details, so it’s included in the planning and cost of each project I do. 


2. Customers will understand what you really do

Copywriters have a particular focus on simplifying your business so that any potential customer can land on your page and understand what you do. 

It’s often difficult to explain simply what you do when you already work in your company, as you’re so close to the subject.

Stepping back and simplifying your process will help you to explain how you help your customers.

This is where I can be a real benefit to your team.

Getting the balance between setting yourself as an expert and confusing people with technical jargon is really important. If people feel intimidated by the content you are putting out there, they will be instantly put off.

Looking for inspiration to write better copy?

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3. Simplify your copy to build trust with your customer

Have you ever felt like the least intelligent person in the room? It sucks. Don’t make your customers feel that way.

Simplifying and explaining things will help build trust, as you are taking the time so that they understand. You may think that writing with long words makes you sound intelligent and will impress people. In fact, it often has the opposite effect and puts people off…

Plus, your customers are in a rush. We’re all consuming so much content online now, so being clear does everyone a favour. 

When hiring a copywriter, they will evaluate what’s appropriate for your audience. That may mean using short, jargon-free words and swapping out complicated language. A copywriter’s number one aim is to make your message simple to grasp. 

Not knowing your business inside and out is not a disadvantage, as I can offer you that outside perspective and make sure that it’s not technical or over-complicated.

Image with Einstein quote - "The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple."

4. Improve your readability for a better user experience

Another card that I can bring to the table is making your copy readable. No one wants to be faced with large blocks of text that are hard to read.

Too many companies make the mistake of large paragraphs of unreadable copy. 

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” –  Leo Burnett

Using as few words as possible to get your message across is harder than it sounds. Any good copywriter will naturally do this with your copy, being aware of the ‘scanners’ out there in the world.

Break down information into –

  • sub-headers
  • bullet points
  • short paragraphs

Alongside making it easy to read, when hiring a copywriter they will consider the rhythm, so it’s interesting to read and not monotonous. 


5. Stand out with a unique tone of voice

Tone of voice – what does that mean? Well, think of it as the impression your words give. Are you chatty, formal, funny, caring, educational, sarcastic, and so on?

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Setting a tone of voice that reflects your company values is important to be seen in the right light. But it’s no easy task… 

When you hire a copywriter, they can bring your voice to life through your copy. When I work with my website copywriting clients, I always define and tailor the copy to suit the tone of voice for each business. 

It also needs to be consistent, across all marketing and customer touchpoints. This includes all advertising, web presence, social media accounts, and in-person through your email, phone, and face-to-face communication.

If one area shows a different tone of voice than the next, your customers will be confused and they won’t trust you.


6. Reduce customer objections in your copy

When you hire me as your copywriter, my job is to reduce the risk from your potential customers. Once the initial questions have been asked, I should have a clear understanding of your customer’s pain points and how to avoid any friction.

You are usually too close to your business to see these hesitations and objections clealry. 

Customer interviews and testimonials can be vital to help shape your message, asking people why they decided to buy with you and not others. As part of my website copywriting process, I include three customer interviews for this very reason. 

“There is your audience. There is the language. There are the words that they use.” – Eugene Schwartz


7. Hire a copywriter for ongoing support

Your company messaging and copy can change over time. It may be that your marketplace has shifted and therefore your customer profile has changed.


Even if you had spot-on, killer copy at one point, it will still need a review over time. When you find yourself in this position, ask yourself – what exactly has changed and why? 

Don’t neglect your copy. Hiring a copywriter for ongoing support in the form of a monthly retainer can be a great way to prevent your website from getting stale and dusty, potentially scaring customers away. 

I offer monthly content retainer packages, tailored to suit your business and keep everything relevant and fresh each month. Get in touch to discuss a regular content package.


Grow your business by hiring a copywriter

So, if you are still not sure why hiring a copywriter could be useful, I guess I’ve not done my job right, have I?

In all seriousness, don’t let your copy fall behind by thinking “That’ll do” – hire a professional. Make sure your messages are clear, concise, and in the right tone.

It could cost you lots of customers, so make the investment and hire a copywriter.

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