7 reasons I’m not the right freelance copywriter for you

Written by Meghan Downs

Most content out there is focused on selling and persuading you to get in touch. This blog post is to do the opposite because I practice what I preach – effective copy should put the wrong people off just as much as attracting the right people. 

I’m not the right freelance copywriter for everyone, and that’s ok…

7 reasons I’m not the right copywriter for you (image of Meghan with text overlay)

What you’re looking for in a freelance copywriter…

If any of these apply to what you want from a freelance copywriter, you shouldn’t work with me –

❌ you say your target market is ‘everyone’

❌ you want a website’s worth of copy by tomorrow

❌ you want someone to write regurgitated blog posts

❌ your budget is lower than £325 (my min fee)

❌ you want someone who won’t challenge your ideas

❌ you’re happy to sound like everyone else in your industry

Working with a copywriter is a two-way street. There are things you need to know before you get in touch. This should save us both time and avoid any misunderstanding.

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1. Your target market is ‘everyone’

Writing for everyone is like writing for no one. You need to know who your customers are before we work together.

As a freelance copywriter, I can help you to fully articulate this into words, but you need a certain level of understanding first. Else the investment of working together won’t pay off.


2. You want a website’s worth of copy by tomorrow

I book freelance copywriting projects at least a week in advance. When writing full websites, I give myself enough time to let the ideas marinate (usually between 4-8 weeks).

You don’t get my best work when it’s rushed. It’s those moments where I’m working on something else or in the shower that often leads to the best copy.

If your deadline is tight (but doable), you may see a rush fee added on to your project. That’s because I’ll have to move other things around and work extra hours to fit it in. If you’re not ok with that, you need to find another freelance copywriter…


3. You want someone to write regurgitated blog posts

Either have something original to say or go use ChatGPT. It’s pointless and wouldn’t achieve any of your marketing goals. I want to write for businesses that focus on quality, over quantity. I help you with the SEO strategy and content plan element as well as writing, so I become your strategic partner. 


4. Your budget is lower than £325 (my min fee)

After a couple of years of taking on things for the odd £100 here and there, I’ve set a minimum fee for new clients. That’s because I want to work with fewer clients and do a better job for each!

For £325, you can get yourself a website copy polish session. If you want me to help you write anything, £500 is my minimum fee to work together (whether that’s as a one-off project or for a small regular retainer).


5. You want someone who won’t challenge your ideas

You’ve got a brief in mind… but it doesn’t add anything to your business. Or it downright makes zero sense. Prepare to be asked why you’re doing something and how it will help your overall business.

I’m not just a freelance copywriter who will produce anything – I want to work together so you reach your goals.


6. You’re happy to sound like everyone else in your industry

I don’t like working with people who aren’t interested in having a unique brand voice. If you try to copy Innocent Drinks or Oatly, I’m out. Let me help to capture YOUR personality, and I’m in. If you’re looking for words with personality, I’m the freelance copywriter for you… 


7. You don’t have time to give feedback on draft copy

To get the most out of working with me, you need to be on hand to review what I’ve done and give feedback. Don’t leave it for 6 weeks – I’ve moved on by then…

Working with a freelance copywriter should be a partnership. You need to respect your part in the success of your copy.


Freelance copywriter for creative brands and hard-to-define businesses

Even if none of the above applies to you, I might not be the best fit for your industry. I’ve written for many industries – from creative to construction – but if it’s highly technical or legal, a specialist writer might be better suited (and they’ll enjoy it more).

My speciality is copywriting for quirky and creative brands. I help misunderstood creative business owners with their messaging and regular content needs. People who are great at what they do but who struggle to sell themselves. Does this sound like you?

I can work with you to communicate your value and connect with your ideal customers – resulting in smoother, easier sales. Get in touch to get the ball rolling.

If you need a referral to another copywriter better suited to your needs, please send me an email. I have a bunch of amazing freelance copywriters on hand who can probably help.

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