Copywriting case study for video production company Open House Pictures

Written by Meghan Downs

Copywriting for video production company, Open House Pictures

Open House Pictures are a video production company based in Sheffield. Offering a wide range of video services, their new clients had been seeing an incredible return on investment (ROI). As it was an industry sector they hadn’t marketed to yet, they wanted a way to showcase these great results to win more similar clients. 

Joseph Palmer, co-founder of Open House Pictures, said –

“We wanted to produce a couple of case studies from two of our clients based on the ROI that we managed to get them. We contacted Meghan as we were impressed with her previous work in this area, and the end result we got was incredible.


We had no idea what sort of information we needed to provide but Meghan took us through the whole process and what the end result was going to look like which was valuable to us. She met us at our office and took detailed notes on the journey we had with our clients and all the relevant stats.


Meghan not only supplied us with high-end case studies, but she also saved us valuable time from writing these up ourselves. I can’t wait to get them on the website and if you need any copy like case studies then there’s only one person for the Job.


Thanks again Meghan”


Why would a video production company need written case studies? 

Although their videos often speak for themselves, video production companies don’t usually have the time – or writing skills – to explain the story and context behind making it happen. 

Customers looking for a video production company will no doubt look at the quality of the video content. But customers who have never worked on a video project before will also want to know how the process works and look for examples of results. If a potential customer can see themselves in a case study, it helps them connect to the idea better and will allow them to imagine how a video production project would work for them.

Educating your customer base with case studies is a great way to complement a visual and creative output. It gives people the context and provides you with written copy that you can repurpose into snippets for your website and social media.

open house pictures video production company

Open House Pictures – professional videographers and filmmakers

To showcase the results for multiple new clients, they got in touch for help explaining their process and results. I worked with Joe and Dan on the team to learn their step-by-step approach to making videos to help with their clients’ marketing campaigns.

Breaking through a new industry to tutor-based companies, these case studies show the high ROI Open House Pictures (OHP) have already generated. This will help them to win more clients in a similar field because they are building strong credibility. 

OHP offer multiple types of videos depending on the goals of the client. This includes –

  • Promotional videos
  • Product videos
  • Event videos
  • Training videos
  • Social media videos

When offering promotional videos for marketing campaigns, it’s also helpful to explain how clients went on to use the video. With these examples, their clients set up Facebook Ad Campaigns, so the video was tailored to that platform. OHP evaluate the needs before making any video content, using their creative problem-solving abilities to reach the best results.

Problem: time-poor videographers who don’t enjoy writing

OHP is run by busy videographers who finish their creative video projects and instantly move on to the next one. They struggle to articulate or reflect on what they’ve done in writing. 

Their days are jam-packed between shooting, editing, winning new clients, and running their business. Writing for their business gets put to the bottom of the list – and they don’t enjoy it!

Challenge: explaining their unique tailored approach for video content

Video content is an investment. Before customers sign off on a video production project, they need some assurance it will be worthwhile in both time and money.

Successfully explaining how they approached each project based on their customer’s needs is the core value of OHP. Explaining this in these case studies was important to reflect their value and expertise.

Solution: case study interview and customer questionnaires for results

I interviewed the founders to find out key information and they provided me with a client questionnaire that detailed their ROI, testimonials, and lead statistics. From this, the case studies were written into a story form that will engage the reader and share the value OHP brings.

Both founders spent around 30 minutes with me going through this together and sent me their supporting documents later. Instead of agonising over this for days, it took less than an hour. 

Results: written case studies to showcase great video content results to new clients

OHP were happy with the results, taking a new angle to present their portfolio results in a way that suited their brand personality.

Now, they can send these case studies when pitching for new clients in a similar industry and share them through social media. Using direct testimonials and hard statistics in a case study will help them build authority. The OHP team can easily share their written case studies for video production, win new clients, and keep doing their amazing work!

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