Creative copywriter in Ayr, South Ayrshire

Written by Meghan Downs

Are you looking to hire a local freelance copywriter? Hey there. I’m Meghan, a freelance creative copywriter based in Ayr, South Ayrshire.

Although I can work with anyone remotely, I especially love helping local businesses with their website copy and content marketing needs.

Work with a local copywriter in Ayr to grow your business

Looking to work with a local copywriter in Ayr?

Here’s a bit about me… I’m originally from the Midlands in England, but I spent 7 great years in Sheffield after Graduation. I’ve slowly moved further north, and the Scottish sea air brought me up to Ayr in the summer of 2022.

Ayr is now my home, so I have a vested interest in meeting like-minded business owners and helping you succeed. I’m proud to be a training partner with the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

Plus, everyone I’ve met here has a good sense of humour, so that’s something! 


Freelance copywriting: Website copy and brand voice

Website copywriting is my jam. I love helping businesses to improve their website and nail their message. It’s satisfying to turn your dull copy into words that allow you to shine.

Alongside full website copywriting packages, I work on other complementary content that’s done for you like blog posts, case studies, lead magnets, and email newsletters. For local clients in Ayrshire, I can create a bespoke monthly retainer to help market yourself better and more consistently. 

But you might need to go back to basics with your brand messaging first. I can work with you to build and define a solid brand voice that –

  • Reflects your true personality
  • Showcases what makes you unique
  • You can be proud to shout about
  • Connects with your dream customers
  • Creates strong brand authority and trust

Sound good?


Looking for inspiration to write better copy?

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Copywriting for creative brands and hard-to-define businesses

Are you running a creative company but struggling to sell yourself? Do you feel like your true value is being misunderstood? Is something not quite right about your marketing message?

I get it.

I’ve been there, actually.

Before I found the joys of copywriting, I ran a creative business selling sculptural ceramic art. But I made a vital mistake – I didn’t understand how to sell myself and react to my audience’s needs. Read more about my past life as a ceramic artist here

Now I do everything in my power to help other creative businesses to thrive. Lifting you up with the right words is my happy place. Especially if what you do is unique or you have a strong personality that’s hard to articulate…

I’ve got the way with words, you’ve got an awesome business.

Let’s team up, ok?


Benefits of working with a local copywriter in Ayrshire

Alongside being able to meet in person when needed, working with a local copywriter in Ayr has many benefits to your business, including…

  • Get people to understand WHAT you do, WHO for, and HOW
  • Have an outside pair of eyes looking for opportunities
  • Learn how to put yourself in your customer’s shoes
  • Get new ideas for your business content marketing
  • Define your tone of voice so it’s repeatable
  • Take content off your (or your team’s) to-do list
  • Put unsuitable clients off through your message
  • Position yourself to have an edge in the industry

All of this without hiring or training any new staff members. Simply hire a freelance copywriter to support you for what you need, when you need it.


Freelance copywriter Ayr

To make it easy to work with local businesses in Ayrshire, I have an office space at Citadel House in Ayr. Only a 5-minute walk to the beachfront and directly near some great cafe spots.

(*pssst* if you’re after an office space, let me make an intro. I’ll get a thank you!)

So, get in touch if you’re looking to work with a local copywriter to nail your brand message or website copy. It’s always nice to be able to meet in real life, isn’t it?

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