How can a website copy audit help your business?

Written by Meghan Downs

Have you written your own website copy and you need a gentle nudge in the right direction to improve it? Perhaps you have one or two niggling pages on your website where you know the copy isn’t hitting right… 

Enter your new best friend – a website copy audit. It’s a great way to enhance what your brand is saying online by evaluating your web copy and making changes. Learn from a professional copywriter, without the full price tag.

This blog post goes into the different things you can gain from an audit, the types available out there, and what to look out for. 

What is a website copy audit? 

Every copywriter has their own way of conducting an audit. The type you choose will depend on how you want to work with someone. 

  • A typical website copy audit will give you tips and guidance to action yourself. Often delivered through a checklist and perhaps a video recording.
  • Some other web copy audits offer a more interactive element, such as follow-up calls and feedback after you’ve made the recommended changes. 
  • My service is called a website copy polish and acts as a suped-up website copy audit where we make live changes together. 

Are you more of a do-it-yourself kinda person or do you prefer to see things happening in real time? You’ll know which works best for you, so check which option is available before going ahead. 


What’s included in a website copy audit? 

Not to be confused with an overall website audit, a website copy audit specifically focuses on your copy and messaging. Again, each copywriter or agency has their own specific expertise, but when you book a website copy audit the main aim is to make sure your message is clear for your audience. 

Have you ever landed on a website to think to yourself, ‘What the hell does this company actually do?’… well you’re not alone. 

To stop that from happening, a website copy audit should look at: 

  • Is what you do clear? 
  • Can people tell what you can help them with? 
  • Can people tell if they’re the right customer for you? 
  • Is your booking process or is buying from you easy? 
  • Are you explaining what makes you different? 
  • Does the website copy structure make sense? 
  • Is your brand voice shining through to reflect who you are?
  • Are you missing any on-page SEO opportunities? 
  • Is there anything missing from your message? 
  • Is the website copy accessible and readable? 

The idea with a web copy audit is the copywriter will get into your customer’s shoes and consider all potential questions, unconscious biases, and hesitations they may have. Doing this allows you to address them head-on, while also making it super clear what you really do. 


What does a website copy audit NOT cover? 

Usually, a website copy audit will not cover the following things: 

  • General website and branding design – including colour schemes, fonts, and images
  • Technical SEO – the behind-the-scenes stuff that helps people to find you on Google 
  • Full website copywriting to implement the changes throughout – it’s more guidance 

Remember, it’s focusing on the copy and the way your message is resonating with your ideal clients. 

Website copy audit costs 

You’ll find website copy audits available online from as little as £99 all the way to £999… The cost of a web copy audit depends on the exact things the copywriter is offering. The type of audit you choose will determine the final cost, but think about it as a low-ticket offer compared to a full website copywriting package. 

The average (from my own independent research of other copywriters) is around £300-500. If you think about the potential better website copy has for your business, this cost is great value. 

My website copy polish service, which offers you a hybrid experience somewhere between a website copy audit and making live changes, is priced at £325. The minimum writing project I take on is £500, so when you look at that, it’s an absolute steal. 

Do small businesses need a website copy audit? 

Think of it this way – does your small business want the best chance of getting more customers? Of course you do… Unless you’ve truly hit your capacity, every small business owner wants to do everything in their power to improve their marketing. I bet you’re no different. And even when you have reached capacity, when your message is elevated, you can start creating a demand, raising your prices, and taking control over who you work with. 

But more than that, do you want to make sure your time isn’t being wasted with poor-fit customers? When you write copy yourself, it’s hard to be subjective. You end up telling customers what you think they should know, or what you think will sound cool, rather than what they actually want. This can lead to customers who are not your ideal clients, wasted time answering unnecessary questions, and a frustrating experience for your genuine customers. 

Why is good website copy important?

Good website copy makes sure your small business: 

  • Clearly explains how you work – avoiding endless phone calls repeating yourself 
  • Repels wrong-fit clients – giving you more time to focus on dream customers
  • Represents yourself with confidence – enhancing your message so you’re finally proud to shout about your business

The reassurance you get from a website copy audit that you’re not actively doing anything to put people off is worth its weight in gold. 


7 signs your business needs a website copy audit 

Here are some common signs you could do with reviewing your website copy and messaging: 

  1. People call or email with the same questions all the time 
  2. Unless someone refers you, it’s seemingly impossible to convert new clients 
  3. You don’t actually know what your website copy says (more common than you’d think!)
  4. Your products or services have changed since you last updated your website copy 
  5. The wrong types of people get in touch with you – either for budget or what they need 
  6. You’re jealous of how your competitors sound online – and your messaging is uninspired 
  7. The website copy you have right now doesn’t really reflect your brand’s personality

Do you relate to any of those? Then it’s time to get your website copy audited! 

My website copy polish service vs. a traditional website copy audit 

Unlike many traditional website copy audits, where you’re handed changes to implement yourself, my interactive done-with-you service means you leave with improved messaging right away. 

After the live 2-hour call, you get a chance to discuss your challenges with me, and we work through as much as possible during that time. That’s usually 1-2 main pages of website copy, fully enhanced based on your audience, business goals, and to finally start reflecting your personality. 

Leave the call with confidence in your message. And, as an added bonus, upgrade to full website copywriting services within 60 days, and I’ll deduct what you’ve already paid from your package quote.

Your £325 investment also comes with a web copy polish satisfaction guarantee. So if I can’t find three actionable changes to improve your copy, I’ll give you a FULL REFUND. 

That’s a pretty low-risk way to improve your website copy – don’t you think? 


Here are some testimonials from happy website polishers: 

Natalie Anderson – 

“I had a Website Copy Polish session with Meghan and it was fantastic. She was great at explaining (very simply) why my copy should be in a certain format and gave me lots of hints and tips to improve my SEO. I would highly recommend working with Meghan and I am excited to work with her again in the future.”


Sarah Stewart – 

“It was a delight to work with Meghan on my website copy. She’s warm and friendly, and shared lots of helpful tips and insights into not only the copy, but also my website in general. I implemented the copy that Meghan created almost immediately, and feel so much better about my website now. My messaging is much clearer and I’m feeling confident about attracting my ideal client. Thank you!”


Elizabeth Ross – 

Meghan was very good at teasing out what I was trying to get at, even though I was not totally clear myself. She was lovely to work with, obviously knows her stuff, and genuinely cares about her clients. I will happily engage her services for any future copy needs.”


Lucy O’Reilly – 

“There were two very important pages on my website that needed an expert’s eye and Meghan was just who I needed to help me get them over the line. I was impressed at how quickly she could think on her feet – this with a done-with-you service – and frankly didn’t really expect her to be able to help revise my copy on the fly, but she did! 

She’s clearly a good listener as well as a writer because she very quickly knew what I was trying to say and the tone I was aiming for. She had done her homework by reviewing my site in advance and she could clearly see the disconnections that were bothering me with the copy. It was great to know we were on the same page, literally! I would highly recommend Meghan if your copy needs a polish, you’ll be impressed. She’s also really easy to get on with, which is an added bonus!

Book a website copy audit for your business 

So, if you were nodding your head along to this blog post, what are you waiting for? Book your website copy audit now – head to the website copy page to get your session secured in the diary

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