About Meghan Downs

Finally… a copywriter that ‘gets’ creatives, designers, and dreamers

One of the hardest parts of being a creative mind, multi-passionate, or an innovator is explaining it to others. I’m here to help.

With my website copywriting services, you can finally lean into your differences and sell yourself with confidence, so you can grow your business and achieve your dreams faster.

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Working with service-based business owners to showcase your personality (quirks and all)

Your differences need celebrating, and shouldn’t be shied away from… But right now, you’re unsure how to capture ‘you’ in the right way. 

We’d be a great fit to work together if you: 

✔ Have an established service-based business with happy customers

✔ Do something a bit different or have an unusual approach

✔ Care about doing a great job for your customers

✔ Have big dreams and plenty of expertise

✔ Want a trusted partner to work with

✔ Have a bold or quirky personality 

With a background as a professional ceramic artist (once an artist, always an artist, right?), you can put your trust in me. I ‘get’ people like you – and I’d love to help you achieve even more in your business through tailored website copy that sells.


Teasing out thoughts from a creative mind and turning it into something that makes sense to your customers…

“Meghan understands a creative mind, how we view the world, and need to be understood. 

It was a joy working with you Meghan!”

Colleen G Lea

Independent fashion designer and tutor

“Meghan was very good at teasing out what I was trying to get at, even though I was not totally clear myself. 

She was lovely to work with, obviously knows her stuff, and genuinely cares about her clients.”

Elizabeth Ross

Well-being retreat facilitator, Illuminated Path

Untangling creative brains since 2020

I’m Meghan
an artist-turned-copywriter. 

Picture of Meghan Downs, SEO website copywriter

I used to spend my days covered in clay, hunched over my workbench for hours on end, creating sculptural ceramics inspired by architecture. I embodied the artist cliché of having zero money but all the passion… (and the bad back to prove it).

Until one day, I didn’t love it anymore. The lack of stability and pressure to sell my art took its toll, so I decided to get a ‘real job’. When I began marketing in-house for another business, I realised how much I loved the writing and psychology elements (when it was for someone else!).

Then the global pandemic swept in and changed everything… After some time to reflect on what I wanted in life and a happy accident, I started my freelance journey in July 2020. 

As an artist, I missed working with people towards a common goal, so as soon as I started collaborating with my fabulous copywriting clients I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. 

It wasn’t until a few years later I realised one of my biggest mistakes as an artist – I was focusing on why I created things, not why others should care. Now, it seems so obvious to me to focus on the customer, but back then it didn’t click. I was too close to my business to see clearly. 

That’s why it’s now my mission to help as many talented, creative, and quirky service providers shout about how awesome they are with copy they can be proud of. 

I know what it’s like to need an outside perspective and feel lost in your own little world. 

My core values (in life and business)


Helping you lean into your creativity and think about things differently to avoid bland outcomes that sound like everyone else.


Also known as being nosey, I ask questions to dig deep and uncover what’s going on in your head. It’s important to be able to learn new perspectives.


Seeing the opportunity to collaborate rather than compete, I love working with others to get the best results and inspire new ideas.

“Meghan is clearly a good listener as well as a writer because she very quickly knew what I was trying to say and the tone I was aiming for. She could see the disconnections that were bothering me with the copy… 

It was great to know we were on the same page, literally!

I would highly recommend Meghan, you’ll be impressed. She’s also really easy to get on with, which is an added bonus!”

Lucy O'Reilly

Website designer, Designs for Growth

Oh, you’re still here? 

You get a few bonus facts about me:

I’m a bookworm (and always have been)

Yoga is my absolute favourite type of exercise 

Silly American sitcoms are my favourite type of TV 

My black and white cat Basil is the boss of the house

In 2022, I moved to the Scottish coast (so now I’m basically a beach babe)

I have an absurd amount of houseplants (42 at my last count – not including the ones at the office!)

Heard enough now? Good. 

Meghan Downs Website Copywriter

Work with me for website copy that makes the right people say ‘Hell yeah!’ when they come across your website, so they become customers without a second thought.

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