Case study: Copywriting for interior designer My Claybrick Home

Written by Meghan Downs

Copywriting for interior designer, My Claybrick Home

My Claybrick Home is an interior design company run by Vicky Labinger. Focusing on two different angles, My Claybrick Home offers interior design services and mentoring for interior designers who are new to the business.

With a busy business and fully booked interior design projects, Vicky was struggling to share her previous interior projects and success stories. She got in touch with me to interview her clients and create written case studies for interior design projects.


Here’s what Vicky, founder of My Claybrick Home, said about her experience with me –

“I am an Interior Designer looking to grow my own client portfolio. I had connected with Meghan through a networking event and reached out to her for help. I wanted case studies pulling together that I could use to showcase my work to potential clients, as well as showcase across my socials/blog etc.


Meghan completed awesome case study work for me. I gave her a few minutes background on each client and she did the rest. She connected with my clients, completed an interview, and then pulled the feedback together. She also went above and beyond pulling all the great quotes together for me to use across my business.


Highly recommend contacting Meghan for your copywriting work.” – May 2022


Why are written case studies helpful to interior designers?

Interior designers take their customers on a journey – from initial design concept to the finished outcome. Many customers who work with an interior designer are doing so for the first time, so it’s a learning curve.

As a very personal thing to them, they want to know they’re in trusted hands and how the process works. Creating written case studies for interior designers helps to outline these steps and share other projects, so the customer can see similarities and connect the process to what they’re looking for.

Interior designers are so busy working on client work, they can forget to shout about past design projects or customer successes. Alongside the visuals of the designs, having customer testimonials and a story about their project is so valuable.

My Claybrick Home – interior designer and mentor

I worked with Vicky to learn about some of her most recent interior design projects and clients. To get a direct account from the customers themselves, I arranged to interview them.

During the case study interview, I asked pre-agreed questions to get an all-round view of their experience working with My Claybrick Home on their interior design project. The conversation ran through why they needed interior design help, what the project involved, how they found the experience, the finished result, and if they would recommend the service to others.

This gives the customer an opportunity to share their honest thoughts about the process – without the awkwardness of speaking directly to the interior designer. This type of research is called voice of customer (VOC) and it gives you a direct insight into what your customers are thinking.

After the conversation, I could then feedback the key points to the interior designer Vicky and write up a case study to update their interior design portfolio.

Problem: busy interior designer moving from one project to the next

My Claybrick Home has a fast-paced interior design schedule, often fully booked with clients. Unable to spend time reflecting on past projects, Vicky reached out for support.

It can be uncomfortable for some business owners to arrange interviews or calls with their previous clients, as they feel awkward or embarrassed to ask honest feedback. Using a copywriter to deliver case study interviews takes this part away – but you get the joy of hearing their great comments afterwards.

Challenge: each interior design project has its own story

With interior design, each project is unique to the customer and designer. They have different reasons for wanting help, are in different positions, and the results are different to the next. This makes it hard for an interior designer to keep up with sharing the stories to potential new clients.

Solution: copywriting for interior designer showcasing client successes

To overcome this, think about how your interior design business works with a variety of clients and pick a cross-section to create case studies from.

For example, Vicky works with multiple clients on kitchen designs, but the finished outcome for each is different. My Claybrick Home also offers mentoring for other interior designers who are new to business or need a helping hand. Case studies for these avenues of the business will have different focuses and therefore attract a wider range of new clients.

It’s also common for interior designers to work with a mixture of residential and commercial clients – having case studies for each will present more relevant examples for different customer types.

For My Claybrick Home, I carried out client interviews with mentoring clients and design clients, with different interview questions for each.

Results: promotion through written case studies for interior designer projects 

These case studies have been used to promote the interior design services online and after a website rebrand, will form the basis of My Claybrick Home’s portfolio.

Vicky was really happy with the results, and as an added bonus I shared ‘cut’ quotations from the interviews that didn’t make it into the final articles. Her clients had so many wonderful things to say about her, she said reading them brought a tear to her eye!


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