Is it worth hiring a copywriter?

Written by Meghan Downs

Many business owners wonder, “Is it worth hiring a copywriter?”

In every business, you need written communication and copy… but, do you attempt to do it yourself or do you hire a professional? 

In this blog post, find out what you actually get when you hire a copywriter, plus reasons it could be a great decision for your business growth.

Is it worth hiring a copywriter?

Why you might need a copywriter for your business

Think about how often your business is presented online. Do you think the words written are important? Let’s hope so. 

Written copy and content fall under many different formats. I can guarantee that your business will need at least 3 of these types of copy, including… 

  • Website copy 
  • Company slogans 
  • Email marketing copy 
  • Blog posts 
  • Case studies 
  • Social media posts 
  • Social media bios (about section)
  • Brochures and catalogues 
  • Leaflets 
  • Direct mail ads 
  • eBooks 
  • Free downloads 
  • Landing pages
  • Online advertisements 
  • Event promotions 
  • Resumes and job adverts 
  • Grant and tender applications 
  • Business plan/proposal documents 
  • Policies and procedures 
  • Press releases 

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but that’s a huge amount of potential copy that you could be putting out there. So, do you think it’s worth hiring a copywriter for this, or should you do it yourself?

Reason 1 to hire a copywriter: You hate writing about yourself

You’re not alone if you find it hard to write about yourself. How do you get the balance of making yourself sound professional and like you know what you’re talking about, without bragging? 

It’s a tough one. Often it’s easier to tell people about yourself in a conversation and let someone else write it for you.

I know that I struggle to write about myself! I had to get help from another copywriter when it came to my website. 

It’s not admitting defeat if you need to ask for help. 

Writing about yourself or your business is so difficult because of how close to it you are. You know all the lumps and bumps, struggles and successes, and it can be hard to pick out what you think people will want to know. 

It can feel awkward, like you’re bigging yourself up. It’s the same idea as when you write your own CV and cover letter… I think you’d be lying if you found it easy. 

Reason 2 to hire a copywriter: You struggle with writing and grammar

Working with creatives, I know how many individuals struggle with writing. Whether that’s related to grammar, spelling, or readability reasons, creatives especially find it hard to sit and write. 

The amount of time you spend second-guessing yourself could be better spent somewhere else in your business. 

Handing over writing about your business to a copywriter is worth it for the stress you’ll save yourself. 

Reason 3 to hire a copywriter: You want to grow your business 

Growing your business is tough. It often means using any free time you have actually working in the business to work ON the business. 

Would handing over certain tasks to people help to free your time to grow your business? 

Hiring a copywriter could be one of these tasks. 

Not only will you get advice from someone who can spot any potential oversights, but you’ll lighten your load to work on your own development. 

Growing your business usually involves a change in your marketing strategy and materials. Hiring a copywriter to help you articulate your new products/services to your customers can help to achieve great results from your marketing efforts. 

Get more time doing the parts you love about your business by hiring a copywriter.

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Reason 4 to hire a copywriter: You want to share content on an ongoing basis 

Not only can hiring a copywriter help when you grow your business or add new products/services, but it’s worthwhile for your company to keep a good copywriter on hand for regular work. 

As your company grows and develops, you should be looking to regularly add new content for marketing and reevaluate what your current copy says. 

People often forget to edit their web copy when their business model changes. It can cause a disjointed experience for the customer if what you say and do are different. 

Keep your customer journey smooth by regularly looking at all customer touchpoints and changing the copy when necessary. The value of hiring a copywriter is explained in more detail here. Hiring a copywriter can be done for specific projects or on a retainer basis. Having a retainer with a copywriter can mean that you will always have someone on hand to help with your copywriting needs who already knows about you, your business, and your goals. 

Reason 5 to hire a copywriter: You struggle to think of new ideas 

Copywriters can help you to get new ideas for your business, too. When I work with clients, I ask them questions about their business that they may not have considered previously. This can turn into a great form of idea generation to propel their business forward. 

I’m a creative person myself, so I love working with other creative business owners. The real magic happens when my clients and I collaborate on delivering new ideas together, as we can bounce ideas off each other to find the best solution. Creative problem-solving is my jam. I love it. If you have something you’re struggling with and you hire me as a copywriter then I’ll help you find new ideas and opportunities. 

Do you think it’s worth hiring a copywriter?

If your company is large enough to hire an in-house copywriter, then absolutely do this. But if your company is formed of a smaller team, then outsourcing and hiring a freelance copywriter would be more worthwhile. You can get the expertise and advice, without the commitment of an employee or permanent member. 

Either way, it’s worth hiring a copywriter to help with your business development and growth, making sure your customer understands you and putting out relevant content. If you are interested in hiring me for your business copy needs, book a free discovery call – let’s discuss your project, goals, and objectives together. 

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